Building a home in Spain can be a challenge when you are not familiar with the local culture, work ethic, building standards and very often, the language barrier. Since 2003 when Skymax was founded by Kimmo Mattila & Alexandra Lorenzo, the company has incorporated a full range of general home building services that address these difficulties through a network of rewarding professional relationships.

Our mission is to design and adapt a property that not only fulfils, but also exceeds the specific requirements and needs of our clients. Client satisfaction is always our goal. It is our attention to planning the small details that makes the difference between designing and building a truly livable home or merely a simple house. Skymax' extensive experience in the real estate and construction sectors on the Costa del Sol gives our clients peace of mind when it comes time to make important decisions.

Safe Property Refurbishments with Skymax. For renovation or rehabilitation, professional management is still essential to control costs and ensure quality results. We are perfectly established to execute timely home refurbishments that respect your desire to enjoy your home without the continuous disturbances of construction.

The renovation works in historic areas are often complex because of their location and are subject to a number of restrictions and working hour schedules from public organisms. These obstacles can cause unexpected cost increases and therefore these projects require professional management. Skymax has experience in managing sites in historic centres (i.e. Málaga) where organization and coordination are essential to deliver on time, without compromising quality.

Give your home a personalized stlye and appeal.

As part of our complete project management services, we provide custom interior design solutions for your home. Our attention to detail and high quality standards will give your home a style that is second to none.  We cover a wide range of design styles, including :

Minimalist, Rustic, Classical,  Loft, Zen, Oriental or exotic, Chic or Shabby Chic




We take pride in teamwork and have a common interest in our clients' satisfaction and that is why it does not end when we complete a property and hand-over the keys. Our clients' have trusted us with the maintenance of their home. If you are away, we can HOLD KEYS for you and visit your property to check supplies (water, electricity, security) prior to your arrival. We organize welcome packs and greet guests if you are renting your property. We arrange for the cleaning, laundry, gardening, watering plants ...